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Your artful communication speaks well of the potential for important topics being introduced into a collective narrative and processed with collaboration and skillful resolution.

You asked for ideas, and I hope this goes to your email as well…

I have a topic to share which you may have already probed. The Dot Com buildup events subsequent to the Bubble/Crash of mid late 90’s, and into 2000 undercut a new brand of talent from getting started for a decade or more.

After reading family of secrets, and seeing business as usual using very disturbing intel / manipulation tricks, I thought of the players most threatened by the tech world.

K Street

The good companies and the startups both got the stuffing knocked out of the park while these above industries were flatfooted in this dept, and seeing what is finally coming to fruition today…

Disruptive talented entrepreneurs proving the old systems can be improved for the better.
Silicone Valley and tech is giving us social networks(ie: Arab spring), your incredible research enhancements, (transparency,accountability),
electric cars, power grid options etc.

This is potentially happening again with overvalued stocks, as apposed to natural growth metrics being practiced.
Who is watching Wall Street?

Does the SEC have stand down orders ?
Are they understaffed ?
Does K street own them ?

Capitalism is not broken, it is being overcooked on demand in disturbing cycles.

Are we unaware of the moral hazard created by the software algorithms used in high frequency computing, and their interplay with World events nudged by interested parties.

Who requests these algorithms to be written ?

Begging for forgiveness, well after the fact with fearful end of world language into a primed disaster consciousness produced the bail out. A group of individuals saw this coming long before it happened and were unheard.
Where are they now?

Is there a way to peel back the curtain on this continuing practice ?

Thanks again for your great work .

Comment on TVWhoWhatWhy: Russ Baker on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria by Joseph Sanders https://russbaker.com/2012/06/11/tvwhowhatwhy-russ-baker-on-afghanistan-pakistan-syria/comment-page-1/#comment-1238 Sun, 03 Nov 2013 05:05:37 +0000 http://russbaker.com/?p=335#comment-1238 When is someone finally going to debunk hillbilly Hugh Aynesworth? He is obviously part of or a “wanna be” partner in the Bush spook cover up network.

Comment on Interview with Russ Baker at Buzzflash by Noreen Curran https://russbaker.com/2008/12/30/interview-with-russ-baker-at-buzzflash/comment-page-1/#comment-1232 Tue, 18 Jun 2013 20:10:47 +0000 http://russbaker.com/?p=66#comment-1232 I have believed for most of my life that the mass of Americans are a bunch of mindless
robots. Many bought the story about Oswald being the assassin. A majority chose to believe LBJ and his lies. Russ Baker has not been on Fox News because the media is too busy feeding us nonsense.

Comment on RadioWhoWhatWhy: Russ Baker on Government Secrets by rhonda B https://russbaker.com/2012/06/20/radiowhowhatwhy-russ-baker-on-government-secrets/comment-page-1/#comment-1211 Thu, 07 Feb 2013 23:22:25 +0000 http://russbaker.com/?p=352#comment-1211 i just watched you on RT. and you are right the media sit on a lot of information regarding Saudi Arabia. the best question to the media is WHO FINANCES AL-QAIDA? and the answer is Saudi Arabia. the Saudis are the problem in the whole world.

Comment on TVWhoWhatWhy: Russ Baker on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria by John Dieter https://russbaker.com/2012/06/11/tvwhowhatwhy-russ-baker-on-afghanistan-pakistan-syria/comment-page-1/#comment-1115 Tue, 11 Sep 2012 17:09:57 +0000 http://russbaker.com/?p=335#comment-1115 “The Real Reason for the Afghan War?” Here is an anecdotal story: My neighbors are Naval Reserve (sea bees) and they have all been sent to special training on explosives. No, not anti-personnel mines, or bunker buster explosives, but MINING – AND they have been scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan to “fast track mining operations”

Comment on Russ Baker on New York Times reporters’ “revolt” – and the limitations of the corporate owned media by mario rossin https://russbaker.com/2012/01/11/russ-baker-on-new-york-times-reporters%e2%80%99-%e2%80%9crevolt%e2%80%9d-%e2%80%93-and-the-limitations-of-the-corporate-owned-media/comment-page-1/#comment-1046 Mon, 28 May 2012 18:23:11 +0000 http://russbaker.com/?p=299#comment-1046 vorrei sapere se ci sono i suoi libri in lingua italiana, grazie

Comment on Russ Baker talks with RT about the reasons for Western intervention in the Middle East by John David Welsh https://russbaker.com/2011/09/14/russ-baker-talks-with-rt-about-the-reasons-for-western-intervention-in-the-middle-east/comment-page-1/#comment-935 Mon, 27 Feb 2012 01:51:29 +0000 http://russbaker.com/?p=277#comment-935 Russ, you might want to get to know Dean Baker of the Center of Economic Policy and Research in Washington, D.C.

Comment on Russ Baker Talks Occupy Wall Street With Thom Hartmann, Nov. 9, 2011 by bill mertz https://russbaker.com/2011/11/09/russ-baker-talks-occupy-wall-street-with-thom-hartmann-nov-9-2011/comment-page-1/#comment-922 Mon, 06 Feb 2012 04:43:49 +0000 http://russbaker.com/?p=294#comment-922 i 1st heard you on fm radio with john wells. your right on,on your current thinking.

Comment on A Thousand Points of Blight (January 8, 1991) by Sterling Seagrave https://russbaker.com/2010/05/21/a-thousand-points-of-blight/comment-page-1/#comment-878 Sat, 29 Oct 2011 16:01:00 +0000 http://russbaker.com/?p=138#comment-878 Really terrific piece, Russ. I’ll need some time to absorb it all. Just one note is that Southern Air Transport goes back much earlier than 1970, was set up by the same guys who set up Air America from CAT. And I think Aderholt’s name is “Heinie” (to those who like him, which I do, not Harry). More later. Sterling

Comment on WhoWhatWhy editor Russ Baker discusses our exclusive on the Saudis and 9/11 with George Galloway by CharBo https://russbaker.com/2011/09/29/whowhatwhy-editor-russ-baker-discusses-our-exclusive-on-the-saudis-and-911-with-george-galloway/comment-page-1/#comment-358 Thu, 29 Sep 2011 23:21:14 +0000 http://russbaker.com/?p=281#comment-358 Oy Gevalt. This is more false lead nonsense.