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Russ Baker on Radio Litopia, London


Interview: One hour

For more information on this show, go here.

RadioWHO Russ Baker in New Mexico KFUN

Russ Baker interviewed on KFUN Las Vegas, NM, about mineral deposits in Afghanistan and what those may have had to do with initial decision to invade that country; also state of the media, the consequences of consumerism and uncontrolled growth, presidential priorities and the differences between the candidates (which ways they are and are not so different.)

Click HERE to listen.


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RadioWHO: Russ Baker and David Feldman

Russ Baker and comedian David Feldman have a pretty serious conversation about pretty serious stuff.

Click HERE to listen/download.



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Russ Baker interviewed by Jay Taylor on our hidden history— the big picture you are not getting in the convention coverage. Find out why neither the Democrats nor Republicans will diverge very much from policies that benefit the few.



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Russ Baker on KGO with Pat Thurston: Inside Stuff from the Obama White House

Radio show interview/appearance, please click HERE for the mp3.



RadioWhoWhatWhy: Russ Baker on Government Secrets

Please click HERE to download/stream the mp3 file.



GRAPHIC: http://www.retrowow.co.uk/retro_collectibles/50s/Roberts_Revival_250_paul_smith_swirl.gif

RadioWhoWhatWhy: Russ Baker on WBAI radio, New York, talks about Syria with host Felipe Luciano and fellow guest Prof. Stuart Schaar. April 5, 2012

Russ Baker on WBAI radio, New York, talks about Syria with host Felipe Luciano and fellow guest Prof. Stuart Schaar. April 5, 2012

Click HERE to listen.


Russ Baker talks with Nicole Sandler about HR347 and free speech

Listen to audio HERE. (interview starts at 32 min and 02 seconds mark)

Russ Baker, interviewed about the situation in Syria by Danny Schechter on Progressive Radio Network, February 17, 2012

Russ Baker talks Obama with radio host Nicole Sandler – January, 2012

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