VIDEO: Russ Baker: The Role of the Warren Commission Staff in the Cover-up

Filmed on September 27, 2014 as part of the Assassination Archives and Research Center’s three-day conference: The Warren Report and the JFK Assassination: Five Decades of Significant Disclosures.

The World According to Russ Baker

The Columbia Journalism Review has published a lengthy interview with Russ, written by Neal Gabler:

You meet Russ Baker at The Smith, a busy watering hole in the East Village with bustling waitresses and rattling dishes. It looks nothing like a newsroom, though news is Baker’s business. Baker doesn’t do his work at this particular restaurant, but he does write stories and edit pieces for his aggressively anti-establishment website, WhoWhatWhy, at other Village hangouts, which is just one indication of hos his career has changed since her first became a journalist…


Illustration by Roan Smith

Illustration by Roan Smith



Stephen King TV on JFK Hit: Will Fiction Lead to Truth?

Stephen King doesn’t know much about the JFK assassination, but he thinks Oswald did it and would like to imagine some hero stopping him. Russ Baker attended this year’s Sundance Film Festival, where he viewed a screening of the first episode of the new HULU series, 11.22.63 (based on King’s novel). Read his review.

Photo credit: Sundance

Russ Baker – Coast to Coast: Warren Commission Secrets

Russ will be appearing at midnight tonight (Jan 20, 12am PST) / tomorrow morning (Jan 21, 3am EST), on Coast to Coast AM to talk about his ongoing work on the JFK assassination. He will cover why there is no question that the Warren Commission was created with the express purpose of confirming that Oswald did it, and did it alone.

Find your local station here. If you miss it live, or prefer listening online, go here.

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