Russ Baker on MSNBC with Dylan Ratigan


  • By Kelly, November 11, 2010 @ 8:57 am

    I truthfully believe everyone has secrets but what we need to really be worried about right now is BARACK OBAMA! Our futur is in real trouble more than ever. PLEASE, PLEASE publish the truth about him and his FAMILY, ASAP before it is to late!

  • By dion, November 11, 2010 @ 11:02 am

    This is why White males have the reputation for being great rationalizers of their own criminality; and great believers in the prosecution of others criminalality without mercy or reservation.

    Voting in this guy for 8 years (sort of), did not help our collective Rep as assholes of the universe; this isnt fair to many white males, but life aint fair period…

  • By brokenreef, December 29, 2010 @ 2:35 pm

    Kelly, of course those who are inquisitive enough may raise some questions about President Obama. That is healthy. However, as President, Mr. Obama has mustered and passed more legislation than many of his predecessors of the same office. Mr. Baker and others of his likeness are watching more and more upon the ministrations of elected officials. You might also read “13 Bankers” by Johnson & Kwak. That should scare you even further! No one President of the U.S.A. has ever made it “there” on his/her own. President Obama was “made” owing to grass-roots funding and support utilizing the internet and a dedicated large group of very capable communicators and managers. I am less concerned about the future of the U.S.A. while under the Obama Administration than I may be come 2012. Too many uninformed and ignorant people live and vote in this country and fail themselves when throwing overt blame at situations that attempt to correct past circumstances of negligence and perhaps political pandering to groups of financial power. Had the Senate listened to Ms Brooksley Born when she raised the flag about “derivatives” the U.S. financial system may not have almost taken down the world economy as it almost did. And please do recall that President George Bush did enter into the theater of saving the “too big to fail” group before President Obama was elected. President Obama continued forth with that support but only after railing upon the banking industry for change and new regulations. Should you read upon history and fact Kelly, you might realize that “too late” has already come and gone. The current administration is attempting to do a great deal about “it”.

  • By brokenreef, December 29, 2010 @ 3:02 pm

    To Dion, in short-speak, “yes”, as you say, in many countries the U.S. population is wondered upon however many internationals have not forgotten America’s gift of “freedom” a la WWII and other ensuing actions of international stress. Mr. Russ Baker’s work raises a level of distrust that he alone is not the only credentialed and respected journalist to do so. His book may imply that Americans were duped, but that includes “All” who supported the Bush campaign. What scares the pants off of this person is the possibility that more of the “Bush” era may be yet to come in the personage of Mr. Jeb Bush. When is “enough” enough? Americans are no longer as gullible and trusting as they were ten years ago. White Americans are less insular; Black Americans have made well deserved and remarkable advances into science and policy. However do not over-look that there is a quiet and largely influential group of “Black” (and “White”) Americans who seemingly shun the failures of the State relative to the needs of the less fortunate groups of both white and black citizens. Perfection is yet to be located and assimilated into Main Street America. In the meantime, read upon Mr. Baker’s and the investigative work of others of a like motivation. The oligarchy of this country loves to listen and witness the distrust and division of the U.S. population set into motion by suspicion and innuendo that are openly expressed as “fact” by certain personalities in the media. Read up on Marcos and Duvalier, Mao and Hitler. When blame is being cast, only a few watch the pitcher!

  • By ScottF, January 8, 2011 @ 8:03 am

    The book has been a fantastic read; however, it is so full of information, people and events that I plan to start over once finished. Your hard work has truly shown through in this epic display of research and due diligence.

    I can’t imagine what your notes looked like trying to keep track of the information in this book considering the tangled web of some of these relationships.

    Congrats and thanks for an amazing view of history.

  • By John Reynaud, April 6, 2011 @ 10:21 am

    Great read so many facts that tie it all together. Just wish he had gone farther on 911.

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